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Laptop Repairs & Computer Repairs

We can repair your laptops and computer hardware regardless of make or model. From damaged screens, faulty keyboards, power or start-up issues and also everything in-between.

Laptop, Computer Sales & Part Exchange Service

If you have some old computer or laptop hardware lying around, then why not contact us and we can give you a quote for cash or even a part exchange towards a new and current laptop.


If you find yourself with a faulty laptop or computer issue and need assistance right away, we can provide over the phone technical support and also provide a call out service.

All windows Software issues, Virus removals & Computer Backups

We have all experienced viruses and other forms of malware on our computers and laptops. Sometimes zero day viruses can be very difficult to locate and remove. Our technicians can save you the difficult task of locating and removing the viruses or other malicious pieces of software.

Computer backup is an important aspect of keeping your computer current and up-to date. We just never have time to do it ourselves. It is only when our hardware fails or a virus attacks we understand the importance of computer backups.

Here at First Click Solutions we can backup your systems and help recover them in case of disaster.

Game Console Repairs

New to First Click Solutions is the game console repair.

Red Ring of death on a Xbox and Yellow Light of Death on a Ps3?

No need to worry as we can repair your game consoles at an affordable price.

How can we help?

First Click Solutions is your route to quality service and advice on a variety of technology.

Sell your unused equipment

Don't bin your unused equipment, First Click Solutions will buy it off you at a fair price.

Problem right now?

Have you got a problem with your electrical equipment? Call First Click Solutions now on 01282 421 306.

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